Below is a sample of NOAF's media presence in local and national outlets.  To contact NOAF for a news story, please email abortionfundnola at gmail dot com.

General Information

Louisiana: The State of Women (Advocate)

Gulf Residents Are Already Turning to DIY Abortions (Truth-Out)

When it Comes to Abortion, Money is the Key to Access (Women's Media Center)

Politics: DHH and the Legislature

UPDATED: Abortion clinics set to shutter across South on Sept. 1 (Fusion) - *NOTE: this article was written before a judge ordered a delay in enforcement.  No clinics have been closed in Louisiana.

Federal appeals court considers Texas abortion clinic law HB2 (PBS NewsHour)

Jindal, antiabortion activists block Planned Parenthood in New Orleans (Washington Post)

Louisiana State Senate to vote on racially biased abortion ban (NOAF quoted in NAPAWF press release)

Operation Rescue/Operation Save America Response

Pro-Choice Activists Stand Up for Abortion Providers in New Orleans (Ms. Magazine)

Police, pro-choice groups on alert as national abortion protest group arrives (New Orleans Advocate)

Hundreds of Anti-Choice Protesters Descend on New Orleans (RH Reality Check)

NOPD getting ready for Operation Save America anti-abortion protests (Uptown Messenger)

NOPD gearing up for anti-abortion protest expected to draw hundreds (WWL TV)


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