This bill was signed into law.

Join us in opposition of HB 1274 (formerly HB 348), which would forbid the termination of life-sustaining procedures in the event of a pregnancy, even if the woman signed a DNR or her family believes it is against her wishes.  To read a heartbreaking example of what this would look like, click here.

The Louisiana House passed HB 1274 (introduced by Austin Badon (D-New Orleans(!)) unanimously.  It now goes before the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.  We need you to call or email this committee!  Click here for legislator contact information.

Subject: OPPOSE HB 1274

Dear Senator:

I am writing to encourage you to oppose HB 1274 (Rep. Badon) which prohibits termination of life-sustaining procedures if a person is pregnant. While these situations are extremely tragic, they are also extremely rare and do not warrant the passage of legislation.

This is a decision between a woman and her family in consultation with her physician. If the woman has signed a DNR order, then the hospital should use that order when determining medical care. If the woman has not signed a DNR, her family’s wishes should be used in determining medical care. Keeping someone who is pregnant on unwanted advanced life support is tremendously costly. Additionally, such situations are so rare that they are considered experimental. Women's bodies should not be experimented on in this manner without their full consent. These experiments harken back to a terrible time in our nation's history.

Parents are expected to make tremendous sacrifices for their children and do so willingly every day.  In death, we owe women the respect of not overriding their medical wishes.

This bill wrongly puts the government in between a women and her family, her doctor, and her faith in the saddest and most extremely painful last moments of her life.

HB 1274 denies women of their civil and human rights by ignoring patient directives and depriving pregnant women of their status as constitutional persons. I urge you to OPPOSE HB 1274.

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