Boycott Louisiana!

After decades of attacks on our reproductive health and rights, our ability to shape our education and career opportunities, and assaults on our environment, Louisianans have had enough!  This legislative session, with its constant barrage of harmful legislation, is the last straw.

The Louisiana legislature has passed HB 388, a medically-unnecessary requirement that abortion providers have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic. Despite the fact that providers at Louisiana's five clinics have been providing safe, compassionate, and respectful care for decades, it is unlikely that hospitals will risk the political fallout from antichoice zealots should they grant providers admitting privileges.

Only a veto from Governor Jindal will protect abortion access in our state!

In partnership with the other grassroots organizations who make up the Louisiana Coalition for Reproductive Freedom, the New Orleans Abortion Fund asks you to send a message. We have already spoken up for women's health through thousands of petitions, hundreds of phone calls and letters, and with our testimony against horrific abortion bills. Since these messages have been ignored by our representatives and state senators, we will now vote a different way: with our wallets.

Threats of boycotts and economic pressure have led to some of the greatest social changes in history. When those in power walk out of hearings while women's health providers, attorneys, community organizers, and other experts speak, they send a message about their values. We ask you to send a message about yours.

As our state continues to recover from natural and human-made disasters, we know that economic recovery is essential. However, we cannot truly rebuild when so many are being left behind.  The state of Louisiana must stop its violent attacks on our health and rights.

Please support us. Tell Governor Jindal, Lt Governor Dardenne, and Secretary of Louisiana Economic Development Stephen Moret that you will take your money elsewhere. Sign the petition through our friends Choice Louisiana using this link:  
If you would like to send a more personalized letter, use the contact information provided at Choice Louisiana and this sample letter/email:

I call on you to oppose attacks on reproductive health, especially the odious HB388.  I support access to safe and compassionate abortion care, and this bill will close clinics, driving women to dangerous back-alley abortions. It will not make abortion safer; in fact, surgical abortion has one of the lowest complication rates of any surgery.

To demonstrate my outrage at such a harmful bill, one of the latest in a long line of attacks on women's health and well-being, I pledge to support Louisianans with my wallet.

[Do you have a story of a visit to Louisiana? What did you do? What did you spend? Any vacation plans? Upcoming conferences?]

I will not be spending my money in a state that tramples the rights of its citizens so cavalierly. I call on you to oppose this bill, and all measures that prevent the people of Louisiana from achieving their physical, economic, educational, and mental well-being.


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