2015 Legislative Session

The anti-choice movement has been met with nothing but failure when its leaders attempt to outlaw abortion outright.  Americans, both voters and the courts, recognize that the right to choose if and when to be a parent is an essential freedom.  These bills represent a more insidious agenda: removing access to abortion by chipping it away piece by piece.

People of limited means, and thus who have limited ability to travel to states that are friendlier to reproductive health care access, will be the ones most affected by these bills.  NOAF asks you to take a stand this session!

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  • HB 701

    Status: Passed House Health and Welfare Committee, passed House, failed in Senate Judiciary B
    Sponsor: State Representative Lenar Whitney (lost re-election, November 2015)

    Simply put, there is no reason for this bill. No research indicates that the United States utilizes sex-selective abortion. Louisiana women deserve more credit than this. HB 701 is a cynical attempt to garner support for a false “women’s issue,” while not promoting any policy to increase women’s rights. Advocates for sex-selective abortion bans often invoke a “bogeyman” – often a woman of color or recent immigrant – who obtains an abortion because of the sex of her fetus. This thinly-veiled racism is an insult to the diverse women in our state, who strive for the best for their families, and deserve access to quality reproductive health care.
  • SB 80 - The "Personhood" Bill

    Status: Pulled
    Sponsor: State Senator Elbert Guillory (term-limited, lost Lt. Governor race)

    SB 80 has grave consequences for women seeking certain forms of contraception, abortion, and pregnancy methods, including IVF and surrogacy. Reasonable people - regardless of their opinion on abortion - agree that women deserve access to birth control, fertility treatments, and lifesaving medical care, as in the case of an ectopic pregnancy. This bill denies these rights, by declaring a fertilized embryo as equivalent to a person and always entitled to "life", even at the expense of the pregnant person's life. It goes too far.
  • SB 8

    Status: Pulled
    Sponsor: State Senator Gerald Long

    SB 8 undermines medical, public health, and legal best practices in a way that will harm pregnant women and families.
    This bill does nothing to support drug-using women who become pregnant. In a state with dwindling access to substance abuse treatment, it criminalizes women who are addicted to (or are suspected of being addicted to) drugs who choose to continue their pregnancies. Instead of offering compassion and rehabilitation, HB 8 offers only incarceration.
    Major medical associations, such as American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Medical Association, and the National Perinatal Association agree that these laws negatively impact babies. Women who are most in need of prenatal care and substance abuse treatment are instead deterred from seeking medical attention, out of fear that their doctor will be legally forced to report them.

    Bill text: https://www.legis.la.gov/legis/ViewDocument.aspx?d=925556


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