2014 Legislative Session


In collaboration with the other members of Louisiana Coalition for Reproductive Freedom, NOAF has been hard at work ensuring access to abortion for our community.

HB 388 Admitting privileges for doctors who perform abortions; lowering number of abortions that a private practice doctor can perform.

Progress:Signed into law (6/13/14)

Bobby Jindal let down his constituents.  This is not the first time that our governor has disappointed us.  It is only the most recent time that his actions will lead to the deaths of Louisianans.
The New Orleans Abortion Fund is outraged that Jindal and Katrina Jackson, the Democratic representative who authored HB 388, had the audacity to celebrate its signing.  This law is not a cause for celebration, it is a call to organize, mobilize, and fight back.  HB 388 will close clinics, forcing our most desperate and vulnerable neighbors to back-alley abortions.
As Louisiana politicians, both Democrats like Katrina Jackson and Republicans like Bobby Jindal, continue their relentless attacks on the residents of our state, the New Orleans Abortion Fund calls on its supporters to speak for the one in three American women who have an abortion every year.  We will continue to pressure legislators through the words, writing, and wallets of the silent majority.

HB 1274 [formerly HB 348] Termination of life-sustaining procedures for pregnant women

Progress: Signed into law

HB 305 Affiliates of abortion providers cannot give sex education or family planning instruction in public schools or publicly-funded charter schools.

Progress: Signed into law (6/13)

HB 1262 [formerly HB 727] Creates an all-antichoice task force to create "psycological counseling" materials to be distributed to women seeking an abortion.

Progress: Signed into law.

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This increased exposure also means more calls to our funding hotline, as our clients are disproportionately affected by existing restrictions on abortion.  We need your help to guarantee that a woman's right to abortion care does not depend on her wallet!  Please donate today!


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